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when you see couples holding hands


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ignore my room and face

#imso #i promised gabby id showed her a picture of me and my cat #and my room is so lame #it was my sisters #butblah u dont care so #me #i guess #im gonna cry #selfie

El “Fuck you” de una gringa no se compara con el “Pelotudo de mierda” de una Argentina, “La puta madre” de una Peruana. “Hijueputa” de una Colombiana, “Mamaguevo” de una Venezolana,“Chinga a tu puta madre” de un Méxicano y el “Conchetumare” de un Chileno.

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getting a compliment

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❝ I want to be your 1 a.m. fuck and your 1 p.m. lunch date.
- i.c. (via rattlejack)
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What's the difference between Hispanic and Latin ?

well the main difference is the language Hispanic are the countries that speak Spanish the ones that were conquered by Spain (example chile, mexico, colombia,peru) and Latin or Latinos are the ones that speak languages that their mother is latin (French, Spanish and Portuguese ) (ex: brazil hati, jamaica, belice) 

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